Meet Lesley & the team, Youthful Body

Hi, we have created Youthful Body (YB) to help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight and a better quality of life via regular exercise. We want to help you to achieve results and not to feel old but to feel youthful.

Knocking the years off your body and building muscle can be achieved beyond your 40s.

Just give us 8 or 12 weeks to help you feel young, strong, and confident.

Let us help you to truly experience what your body can do!

With our support, Live or On-demand Workouts and Healthy Recipes, as well the support of our  ‘Members Only’ Facebook Group, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling fabulous in your 40s or 50s and beyond.

Get started by selecting from 12 or 8 Week Fat Loss Programs, select to include Live Real Time Workouts, exclusive access to our Progressive Video Collective, On-demand Workouts and Recipe Packs with shopping lists and meal plans. If you prefer private tuition you can select from our Live Private Training options. 

Not quite sure?

Hi! I’m Lesley

I’m a veteran of the fitness industry with over 30 years of experience. My entire working life has been spent in the health and fitness industry, from teaching classes in my 20s to Senior Management level. A few years ago I turned 49 and then it dawned on me I had been part of enabling new Leisure Centre and Health Club facilities and activities to look after other peoples’ fitness whilst NOT looking after my own. I became unfit to the point where I packed on the midlife and menopausal pounds. The tops of my legs were covered in bumps, which are known as cellulite. I didn’t recognise myself in a holiday picture that was taken of my body from behind.

I was feeling low, crying consistently for weeks and feeling sluggish. I would wake up most mornings after nights of broken sleep wondering how to face the day. I thought, surely this can’t be it, a downward spiral of adding the pounds and letting the menopause take over my life? I decided to take positive action and take back the control!

My Goal

My goal was set to be fit at 50 and wear a bikini on my special 50th Birthday celebration in France. I took drastic action and began my transformation by following a program ‘at home’ developed for my midlife body. As a busy career woman, working out at home was the best ‘time saving’ option for me. I created a ‘Vision Board’ of how I wanted to look and feel. The ‘vision’ is not like taking a picture of a new hairstyle for your hairdresser to instantly create. It was made clear to me that results take time, energy and commitment and my journey ahead was going to be challenging. I knew that I had to take baby steps first, and set realistic and achievable goals. Crash dieting was not an option for me because building muscle and achieving a more youthful looking body was on my vision board.

With an ageing body, I initially invested in minimal equipment (a small set of dumbbells and resistance bands) to enable me to progress at home via expertise and coaching. Oh, and a mat! This was enough to get me started to develop my strength and endurance. My biggest and most valuable investment was choosing the right coach. My professional profile in the fitness industry enables me to work with the best and most sort after trainers in the world, therefore I’m always in safe hands. I’ll be 53 in September and I’ve achieved the body I dreamed of, created Youthful Body and helped hundreds of women to look and feel amazing beyond 40.

Where am I now?

I’ve been challenged to progress safely and remained injury free. Strengthening my ligaments and soft tissues was the first priority for my ‘older body.’ A variety of exercise disciplines were incorporated into my program and my body was moving in new ways. There’s a statement we use at YB (Youthful Body), “We were born to move, so let’s move.”

I’m now 52 and in the best shape of my midlife. It’s true that as we get older, firming up certain parts of our body isn’t as easy as it once was but I soon found out it’s possible. My arms have developed lean curves I never thought I would have in my 50s, my cellulite has disappeared on my thighs and my podgy stomach is no more. I am stronger, healthier and I know I’m doing everything right to slow down the loss of bone density, muscle mass and manage the symptoms of menopause. Oh and yes I wore a bikini on my 50th Birthday in France with confidence and I’ve worn one on holiday ever since then.

Why did we create Youthful Body?

With a mutual respect for each others talents in the fitness business, working together as ‘one team’ to help others in midlife comes natural to us. When Lesley started to talk about her Life-changing Results’ online she was overwhelmed by people wanting help with their ageing body challenges, so as a team we embraced the need for people wanting a midlife nutrition and fitness program and decided to help as many people as we can.

We know that ‘fitness adverts’ can be patronising for Gen Xers. Seeing visuals of silver haired people doing chair aerobics, gentle yoga and walking on treadmills can be very off putting. At YB, the belief that patronising Gen X fitness is out and instead empowering, challenging and ‘fun’ fitness is in.

Middle age is actually the time to do more exercise, not less. Never mind the few yoga sessions or odd walking because at YB you’ll find a fun, energising and backed by science ‘Nutrition, Exercise and Self-care’ method, which achieves noticeable results.

Hi! I’m David

Where do I start? Well firstly I’ve known Lesley for over 30 years. Isn’t she looking incredible for her age? She’s knocked 10 years off her body! We’ve grown up so to speak in the fitness industry we love so much. It makes ​complete sense that we are now working together to help the YB midlife community challenge the ageing stereotypes and be in amazing shape, as well as looking and feeling younger than their age. I’m 49 and I believe I’m defying the odds – breaking stereotypes.

I am an Award Winning International FitPro and Celebrity Trainer. At YB we specialise in bringing you live workouts direct to your home or anywhere. Even when you are on holiday, you may not want to escape me and keep your fitness regime going. My work has enabled me to travel the world and work with the finest of trainers, from warming up 50k runners live on BBC1 to presenting at International Fitness Conventions. I’ve choreographed and co-presented best-selling Celebrity Fitness DVDs and Books. My list of celebrity clients is long from Emmerdale, Gogglebox, Shameless, Big Brother and many more. My real passion is helping anyone who wants to make a positive change. I’ve helped thousands of people achieve and maintain their desired goals. Now it’s your turn! Meet me on Zoom or Facebook soon for live workouts and you’ll start to see and feel the difference. Don’t be a victim of your mind. The only thing stopping you achieving your midlife health and fitness goals… is YOU! Book an 8 Week or 12 Week program today. YOU can do this!

Have a great day and hopefully we’ll see you very soon.

Don’t sweat it though!

You don’t have to be famous or have one of the finest London postcodes to benefit from the YB method and be trained by me. I look forward to meeting you and training you in a Private Workout session to help you progress. I’m always on hand to personally answer any questions you have about achieving your fitness goals.  Members of YB call me ‘the Peter Pan of fitness’ and that’s because I’m in my forties and they think I look a lot younger. I’ll take that as a compliment! I’m looking forward to helping you to be the best you can be.

If you want some serious inspiration, trusted expert advice and support from the comfort of your own home or gym, join us.