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We’ve got you covered to be in great shape in your 40s, 50s and beyond.

FAQ applies to: Our members and potential new members.

What is Youthful Body (YB) system and what does it offer?

YB is a unique personal range of training services from Live Personal Training or Live Group Workouts accessed by Zoom or Facebook, as well as a Progressive Online Video Collective which includes 3 progressive phases and regularly updated On-demand Workouts. YB helps people over 40, 50 & 60 years of age reshape their bodies and lives. Nutrition and coaching support is also offered within our programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What is the YB method?

YB offers components from science geared towards programming the ageing body and your personal fitness journey. Your journey can be from the transformation of fat loss, regaining confidence, building muscle & strength, or injury prevention. Perhaps you already feel fit and you would just like to join a community where you feel you fit right in. YB is for all fitness levels, so whatever your fitness level, you are welcome.

If you are wanting a safe, fun and effective workout in your 40s or 50s and beyond, YB is for you! 

How is YB different from any regular online fitness program?

YB delivers unique personal and group training in an online private and live interactive studio setting. Our YB coaches come to you live from their studios whilst you are in your own space (home or gym) via Zoom or Facebook. There is no shortage of motivation or expertise from your coach and community in a live and interactive group setting. Whilst your Master Trainer, as well as being a well known rock star trainer and international fitness expert, Lesley will live and breathe the YB method with you, she’s also a qualified Exercise to Music coach, supporting you every step of the way. Our team are fantastic coaches and together they will help you to stay on track.

The unique YB experience is recognised as just another online training program of enabling interaction via a private Facebook group, we go a step further by enabling friendly and fun interaction in our live sessions. YB feels like a club, a community without the travel, car park and building. You can find lots of testimonials from our clients.  

How is YB different from finding a free workout online?

Most of the ‘free’ online workouts available in the market place today are designed to be generic and not created for the midlife body. At YB, we have a strong focus on technique and education to make sure that you get the most out of your Live Group Workouts or On-demand Workouts from our library. We will coach you through the process so that you fully understand why it will benefit and work for you.

Exercise and nutrition needs are different from that of a 20 year old or a 30 year old. It’s not one size fits all, and identifying the differences and recognising what you need to make positive changes to your routine is the key to success. Small sustainable changes and a positive mindset can have a lasting effect.

How is YB different from joining a gym or doing it myself?

YB Founder Lesley Aitken and the team members are over 40, they get it, they really do. They know the body doesn’t respond as it did in your 20s and 30s. You can avoid the expensive gym membership or home gym and dealing with 20-something personal trainer with a routine designed for the younger body. 

If you are over 40, 50 or 60 YB has been created for you. We defeat the ageing stereotypes and enable you to get in shape, stay in shape and defy the odds. 

As a member of YB you won’t feel like just another membership number and instead you’ll feel part of the YB community with direct access to  our team for coaching and mentoring. You’ll receive exclusive access to our members only private zone, including nutrition, recipe packs, educational content and everyday lifestyle habits to improve your wellbeing. 

You’ll also receive exclusive access to our private Members Facebook Page for friendly, community support. You won’t find unnecessary noise or confusion in our members only Facebook group and instead very helpful and informative information and on-demand workouts. There’s always plenty of fresh content for you to read to help you to stay on track and motivated. Lots of effort is put into our private Facebook page for our members. 

What fitness abilities does YB cater for?

YB caters for all abilities, our programs focus on transformation through group sessions or one-on-one personal training to achieve your personal transformation goals of weight loss/fat loss, building muscle and strength, or improving wellbeing. 

Each exercise can be modified or advanced to cater to your workout needs and ensure you work to your full potential! Part of our YB method is cardio and this can be entirely low impact (less stress on the joints), it is also the perfect exercise even if you are new to fitness or recovering from an injury. Just let us know when you join a plan, and we will guide you through any exercise modifications.

Why should I do YB?

Your 40s, 50s and beyond is the most crucial opportunity to reinvent yourself and make your body leaner, stronger, and fitter for life. You still have enormous potential for remaking your body, improving energy level and brain function. Turn back the clock, knock years off your body, look and feel ageless and youthful. 

The secret lies in challenging your body via consistent movement in a safe and progressive manner. As we age core strength is often the first to suffer and the YB method ensures you perform plenty of core exercises. Strengthening moves for muscle mass and reducing the loss of bone density are also included, as well as fat burning movements to stop the slow creeping middle-aged fat gain. 

YB has helped many people achieve their midlife health and fitness goals. Help us, to help you!

Can I do my YB method from home?

Yes! You can do any of our YB programs from home, including your live and interactive sessions with us.

Do I get a consultation about my goals?

Certainly! We provide a personal consultation call or a Zoom video call with every potential or new client to set you up for success. We work online with you, however we maintain the personal support with you.

Do I have to join the 8 Week or 12 Week plan?

No, however they have been tried and tested to get results and we highly suggest you select a Premium 8 or 12 Week plan to benefit from the Live Group Workouts and achieve great results via our expertise, as well as group motivation. If you feel that an 8 Week or 12 Week Plan is a step too soon because you haven’t exercised for a long time (or never), we recommend you start with a Private Workout via live video with a Master Trainer. 

Remember during the 8 or 12 week program we will here to coach and support you. Our programs are not ‘cookie cutter programs’ and we won’t bombard you with generic email templates or just communicate with you via the Members Only Facebook group. We get to know all of our YB-ers and their goals. You will get direct access to Lesley, Founder of YB and the team to help you succeed. We limited the amount of people who join YB programs to enable us to provide you with bespoke coaching during any of our programs.    

Can I purchase the 8 or 12 week program option and not participate in a Live Group Workout?

Absolutely! Purchase a Basic 8 or 12 Week Workout plan because they don’t include the weekly Live Group Workouts. Please note though that our Basic plans do not include recipe packs, meal plans and shopping lists and instead you’ll get a full Healthy Eating Guide.  

Should I choose Private Training or Group Training via the 8 or 12 Week Plan?

If you are completely new to exercise and YB any of these options would be a good choice, it all depends upon your time, budget, feelings and goals. If you would rather not start by working out in a group, or you don’t feel ready, a Private Workout Session may be best for you.  Your coach can assess how you are moving or how you feel before you throw yourself into a workout schedule. 

Contact us if you are not sure about which option is best for you and we’ll help you to make the right choice.

Do I get nutritional advice?

When you purchase a Premium 8 or 12 Week plan we provide you with access to the YB recipes packs, shopping lists and example meal plans. Our Basic 8 or 12 Week plan includes a Healthy Eating Guide. You’ll also gain exclusive access to the YB Macro and Calories Calculator in our Premium plans where you’ll be able to work out your personalised daily calories and macronutrients intake to achieve your goals.

A calorie is a unit of energy. The number of calories you consume is important because it will determine how your body composition changes. 

Macro is short for macronutrient. Macronutrients are the nutrients the body needs in large amounts and these provide energy or calories. There are three kinds: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

We are committed to coaching our clients to make small nutritional habit changes for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Our popular 28 Day Nutrition Clean Up Challenge provides you with lots of nutrition info via weekly e-books, recipes, tips and tricks to get you set up with everything you need to ditch your unhealthy ways in just 28 days! The challenge will enable you to take control of your nutrition and to have new healthy habits that last a lifetime. Check out the 28 Day Nutrition Clean Up Challenge here. 

Will I get results?

Ask us if you may be concerned about not seeing and feeling results! For starters, if Lesley Co-Founder of YB, at the age of 52 can get amazing results, you can too! You can be fit, toned and firm after 40 and 50! We’ve helped many members achieve their desired results and you can view our testimonials. As a Premium Member the regular check-ins are every 4 weeks and they can help us to help you. Please send your measurements and progression photos to us via email support@youthfulbody.co.uk or via our Members Only Facebook Group.

How soon will I see results?

Most of our clients will start to see and feel results between 6 – 9 weeks. Your age, frequency of weekly workouts and nutrition plays a big part in how quickly you achieve results.

Achieving optimal heath and fitness is not an exact science and the YB combination of exercise, nutrition, wellbeing coaching and mentoring, as well as input to achieve desired results may vary from individual to individual. 

Following YB exercise, nutrition, wellbeing coaching and mentoring does not guarantee that you will achieve desired results or you will look like some of the images that might be posted on our website (there are a lot of factors at play).   

Will the YB method help me to look like someone else?

Firstly we will NEVER encourage you to create a vision board to include pictures of someone else that you may wish to look like to motivate you. You are not someone else. You are uniquely you! We embrace your uniqueness at YB and help you to the best version of you. We all have our own genetic makeup, which makes us all different and we celebrate this. 

How can I track my progress?

Utilise your YB tracking tools and check-ins every 4 weeks (3 check-ins in 12 weeks, 2 check-ins in 8 weeks) and you’ll benefit from any necessary adjustments we make with you.

Can I gain muscle in my 40s, 50s or beyond?

Gaining muscle in your 40s, 50s and beyond is possible, as long as you put your mind over your age (ageless mindset). You will have to take a completely different approach then when you weight trained or dieted in your youth. Maintaining or building muscle mass has many benefits that can help you in virtually every area of life. As you age, you need to train smarter, not harder and keep injury free! 

How do I start exercising in midlife?

If you’re over 40 and you haven’t exercised for years (or ever), it’s never too late to start. Even our YB-ers in their late 60s have reaped the benefits of exercise. As we age, incorporating both strength and cardio becomes important. A healthy heart and slowing down the loss of muscle and the decline of strength is what we focus on at YB, as well as maintaining a healthy weight. You can start straight away and get up to speed quickly, provided you don’t have any health issues. You can jump into our recommended three workouts a week via our 8 week or 12 week programs or private training sessions.    

I’m over 60, can I join?

Absolutely! We have many members over 60 and they are amazing. Our eldest member joined us at 76 years of age. It’s a tougher stage of life to kick-start a regime, but it’s possible to progress and reap the benefits of being more active. Some people manage to stay fairly fit in their 60s by keeping up a busy lifestyle. If you haven’t seen your doctor lately, that’s your first stop to assess your present fitness level and make sure you are healthy to pick up the pace. If you haven’t exercised for a while (or never) we would recommend working with a YB Master Trainer at least to start with before you jump into an 8 or 12 week program. If you’re patient and consistent you’ll reap the rewards of improving your strength, cardio and balance.  

Why do I need to do YB cardio?

Cardio serves a different purpose to our resistance training of body weight, weights or bands. Cardio will keep your heart strong to help you live a longer and more fruitful life. Once you get to 40 your metabolism is not as fast as it once was and it continues to slow down as you age, so regular bouts of cardio will keep your body fat in check. There are different types of cardio and our YB cardio is designed to burn fat using different methods of disciplines such as Tabata, LISS (low-intensity, steady state) and HIIT (high-intensity, interval training). Our clients love the variety of healthy, fun and effective disciplines we use. 

Why do I need resistance training (body weight, weights and bands)?

Weight training will build your strength, which is important for legs and core strength and improving balance. At YB we will use resistance for weight management and improve your body function to continue to perform day-to-day activities without injury.

What can I achieve physically and mentally from the YB method?

Expect to be challenged but not to the determent of your health and wellbeing. One of the best changes you will experience is how much stronger and fitter you become physically and mentally. The YB method is designed to exhaust certain muscle groups together, so expect to feel a little burn and shake in your muscles. We encourage all our clients to feel this, as this is the point where your muscles are beginning to fatigue and will recover to become stronger.

When we think of lifting weights to strengthen muscle, very rarely do we  think about the type of movements we use and why we use them. Muscle contractions will be broken down into the 3 major contractions within YB workouts, which are isometric, concentric and eccentric. You’ll benefit from isometric static movements, eccentric lengthening movements and concentric shortening movements. Each contraction plays a large role in muscle development.

As with all exercise, YB releases happy endorphins – so you should expect to feel positive.

At YB you’ll have all the pieces to the puzzle to stay fit and strong for years to come.

How many times per week should I complete a YB workout?

If you want to transform, it is essential that you build a habit of doing a YB workout three times per week to achieve results. We’ll get straight to the point – those that are not disciplined to do the magic number of three YB sessions per week will struggle to be successful.  

Are there pay as you go options?

Pay as you go options are exclusive to one-to-one live private training and live group sessions. If you feel that an 8 Week or 12 Week Plan is a step too soon, we recommend you start by trying one of our pay as you go options.

How much do YB live via video, pay as you go sessions cost?

A drop-in Group YB session with Pierre Pozzuto via live video: £10.

A private training session with Pierre Pozzuto via live video:

  • Non-member 55 mins: £39
  • Members on a 12 Week or 8 Week plan will receive a discounted rate for a 55 min Private Online Session with Pierre Pozzuto via live video. Ask for a discount when you join one of our programs.
How do I get my progressive Video Collective when I join?

Each workout video is loaded into your 8 Week or 12 Week plan with detailed instructions and videos to show you how to do your session. You’ll find the password to access the videos just above the Phase One Video Collective when you get exclusive access to our members only private zone. Premium members 8  Week or 12 Week members get access to all on-demand workouts in our Private Facebook Group. 

I’m not a beginner, would phase 1 of an 8 or 12 Week plan be too easy for me?

We suggest that you start at phase 1 Upper Body and Lower Body with weights that challenge you before moving to phase 2 and finally phase 3. In the phase 1 Cardio section you can shorten the breaks and move more to suit your fitness level. You’ll learn good exercises, form and techniques by participating in every Cardio phase which will prepare you well for the next phase.

How many YB workout sessions do I need to complete?

When you purchase the Basic 8 Week or 12 Week Plan we recommend you complete at least three sessions per week and you can select from any of the Live Group, On-demand or Progressive Video Collective delivered by a YB Master Trainer.   

If I miss a Live Group Training session as part of a Premium Option. What should I do?

It’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Login to your exclusive Member Zone and complete a video which is of a similar type to the Live Group Workout session that you missed. For example; if you miss an Upper Body Live, complete an Upper Body Video in the fitness level phase you are in. PLUS – you can access ample, regularly updated on-demand workouts from your Private Facebook Group.

What equipment do I need?

For your Video Workouts you will need weights (hand weights, dumbbells or perhaps a kettlebell). A dumbbell or hand weight can be used as a substitute for a kettlebell. If you don’t have weights you can improvise by using something from your home such as fabric conditioner bottles with side handles, tins of beans or water bottles.

For your Group Live Workouts you will need the equipment which is included in the above paragraph PLUS Resistance Bands. For any help on “what to buy” please contact us via support@youthfulbody.co.uk or via our public Youthful Body Community Facebook page. We are always happy to help!

To schedule my diary - how long and how often are the YB Live Group Workouts?

All of our Live Group Workouts are approximately 20 – 45 minutes depending upon the type of workout and we go live more than 5 times per week for our YB Premium members or Drop-in members. An updated timetable will be posted regularly in your Private Facebook Page. Lives are early mornings, late evenings and Saturday mornings. Days and times of workouts are subject to change, however we will keep you informed, which means you can manage your diary. If you work or have to do school runs, please don’t worry because we understand your busy midlife lifestyle and you can be sure to have plenty of live workouts to choose from, as well as the on-demand workouts.

Can I drink alcohol during my chosen plan?

Alcohol will provide no benefits to your body composition. We highly recommend you ditch the alcohol or that you keep alcohol to a minimum. We are not expecting you to ditch alcohol forever, just give us the duration of your chosen program and you be the judge as to how fantastic you look and feel – but you’ll have awesome support.   

What if I can’t do a certain exercise?

That’s ok. We’ll help you to find an alternative exercise that you can do. If you are unsure, ask us and we’ll advise.

I have limitations due to health, can you help me?

It’s important for you to be as open and transparent as you can with us so that we can advise you and bespoke the plan for you. Also, we value your privacy and will not disclose any personal information about you with anyone. All personal information you share with Youthful Body Ltd will be held as private and confidential and we will only discuss with you on a one-to-one.

Only you can disclose personal information regarding your health to any of the Youthful Body Members. We always recommend you speak to your Medical Health Practitioner prior to starting any new exercise routine.

Always follow your Doctor’s advice and if you are unsure about anything please discuss with your Doctor. 

I’m on blood pressure medications or beta blockers?

Always obtain a physical examination from a Doctor before starting any physical activity. In consultation with your Doctor, you acknowledge and agree that any recommendations for changes in nutrition, including the use of supplements, or a weight loss program are entirely your responsibility. Always follow professional medical advice. 

What gym clothes/shoes should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! Avoid wearing anything overly restrictive that could hinder you from doing a full range of movement. Gym wear can be supportive, such as a good sports bra. Wear comfortable shoes with a solid heel, closed toe and good support throughout the foot and toes when exercising. Open-toed shoes could result in injury from dropping an object or stepping incorrectly in your workout area.

Can I connect with other YB members on the plan I’ve chosen?

Can I connect with other YB members on the plan I’ve chosen?

Absolutely, you can connect with YB-ers via your Members Only Facebook Group or via Group Live Workouts. You can socialise, share tips, healthy recipes and share your progress to help motivate others. 

Do I have to be on Facebook?

No, however we would like you to join because your Live Workouts are via Zoom and Facebook. Your On-Demand Workouts are stored in your Members Only Facebook Group.

The YB team post fresh content weekly from tips, research on health and fitness for the midlife body, healthy recipes and much more. Your latest Timetable for Group Workouts will be posted there too.

YB-ers (YB members) share ideas, tips, healthy recipes and they are very supportive of each other. Midlife women supporting midlife women!

We highly recommend you join the Members Only Facebook Group and enjoy the wonderful benefits of being a YB-er.

Is there an age limit?

The YB method is designed for people in their 40s and beyond. However we are keen to help as many people as we can. We don’t allow members under the age of 16 to join Youthful Body. We love to see family members working out together and supporting each other. Some of our members are Mums and Daughters enjoying the YB method together.

How much weight should I lift?

Firstly, ensure your form is perfect and you are moving through the full range of motion. For an indication of the correct weight being used the last 1-2 reps within a set of an exercise should be challenging.    

Should I workout if I feel sore?

Some mild soreness is normal, especially if you are trying something new and you should be fine exercising. If you’re sore the next day, it’s a good idea to take it easy. Try some light exercise, like walking, while your muscles rest.

How do I weigh myself accurately?

Weigh yourself once per week, in the morning and in the same way. Stop if this tiggers anxiety or disordered eating. Or, if weighing yourself weekly concerns you, feel free to weigh only when you check-in every four weeks. 

What are non-scale victories?

Weight is just one of many indicators of health. When you go to the doctor, you’ve probably had other markers of your health assessed, such as your blood pressure, lab work, waist circumference, and others. Yet, people most often tend to focus on weight alone to measure progress when working on health goals.

While it is totally okay to desire changes in your weight, placing emphasis on non-scale victories is celebrated by the YB community, such as clothes fitting more comfortably, better sleep, managing menopausal symptoms, better measurements, increased bone density, increased muscle mass, feeling happier, and much more!

Why should I take your body measurements, weight & photos?

Taking your body measurements can help you track your fitness results better than relying on the scale – especially true if you’re trying to lose fat and increase your muscle mass (which decreases as we age).

Why? Well the scale only measures your weight and not your body composition. So if you’re losing fat and gaining muscle, you’re going to see a difference in the way you look – but it’s totally possible the scale won’t budge. If you are relying solely on the scale to track your results, you may think you’re not making progress.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or tone up, body measurements can show you the bigger picture and give your confidence a boost.

“Since losing body fat while building muscle, it’s rewarding  to see the inches come off, even when the scale doesn’t signify much change.” Lesley Aitken

How often should I take my body measurements & progress pictures?

Every 4 weeks take the same measurements. Make sure they are first thing in the morning – at the same time of day and if you ask someone to take the measurements for you, try to get the same person each time in order to replicate the process as closely as possible. Take your photos in the same place for the start and end of your challenge. Please wear the same clothing for all progress pictures if possible. You can wear underwear, swimwear or shorts and cropped top. Some of our YB ladies prefer to wear a tight t-shirt and tight leggings so they can see the difference in their fat loss if they prefer not to show their bare skin in the pictures. Please do not send us naked photos. Please take three photos from the side, front and back. E-mail your measurement template every 4 weeks (and photos) or photos at the beginning and end of the challenge to support@youthfulbody.co.uk or via WhatsApp if it’s easier. When you purchase a plan we’ll provide you with a number for WhatsApp, if required.

How do I log in to my exclusive members zone to get all the tools I need to complete my program?

Once you purchase a program via www.youthfulbody.co.uk you’ll be sent your login information by e-mail to create your password. Simply click log in at the top right hand corner of our website and enter you username or e-mail and password. Once you’ve entered your login details you’ll find everything you need to start and complete your program. You’ll find advice, trackers, recipe packs, meal plans, shopping lists and progressive workout videos. To access the progressive workout videos you’ll see a password to use just above where the first video is situated. Use this password to access all YB workout videos.

If I purchase more than one program how do I access them?

For example, if you purchase a 12 Week program, 28 Day Nutrition Clean Up Challenge and the 8 Week program, you simply click on “my dashboard” in the menu and then access your desired program.

If I buy a program, and don’t commit to it, can I have a refund?

The answer is no. Youthful Body Ltd has a NO refund policy.

If I don’t lose weight what do I do?

Fat loss is a process and takes times. Be patient and trust our system. It’s important to have realistic expectations and don’t expect to achieve your goals in a week or two. Check-in with us as much as possible. Utilise your check-ins every 4 weeks (2 check-ins in 8 weeks and 3 check-ins 12 weeks) and you’ll benefit from any necessary adjustments we make with you.

I’m going on holiday during my program. What can I do?

Fabulous! We can advise you on what you can do whilst you are away to continuing progressing toward your goal and enjoy your holiday. 

What is meant by body positivity?

Accepting that your body is going to change as you age is one step to being body positive. Body positivity is about embracing blemishes, scars, loose skin and imperfections because they tell a story and we all have stories. At YB be believe in embracing and enhancing our bodies to be healthier, fitter and stronger to enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling life for years to come.

Remember! If your body is getting a little fuller as you age, it doesn’t change who you are!

I would love to bring YB to my own community, how do I do this?

Our YB method for people in their 40s, 50s & 60s are ready to be implemented. If you would like to include our programs within your offerings for your community, such as your Studio, Leisure Centre or Health Club let’s talk about the possibility of working together.

Anything we’ve not answered?
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Anything we’ve not answered?
Say Hello!