As the years pass, a piece of information is slowly but surely highlighting itself because time and time again it proves a point. Training with resistance into your mature years is not only the best form of medicine, but it is the prevention of many injuries.

At any age a good workout at worst burns some calories, at best makes the difference between being an athlete and a world record. However, as we get older we need it to protect ourselves. Without too much science our bodies are made up of complex structures and tissues and combined with bad maintenance, like a fine sports car will lead to breakdowns.

All the science, trials and research I spent in University and on the PT gym floors are put into action at Youthful Body. We start with a strong foundation. The joints, tendons & ligaments are our primary concern, without a strong anchor the ship we try to control is useless. If we snap a tendon what good is a strong muscle? So we start everyone on adaptation. In simple terms adaptation is high reps, light weight (resistance) and increasing your body’s ability to cope.

The approach, as I’ve learned, is fun and easy. No one wants to struggle or suffer, especially on day one right? What’s the point explaining things in scientific Latin terminology? There is no need to get scientific! So our ladies over 40 and 50 may never of heard the words Adaptation or Hypertrophy (increase in muscular size) to name a couple. Workouts are fun and easy to follow, however embracing your discomfort is something you must inevitably face to get results.

I respect each and every one of our generation X clients for taking the leap of midlife fitness and wellbeing faith, mainly because it’s a big brave one to take and in doing so I appreciate how mind boggling it can all be. No one ever gets thrown in the deep end on any of our fitness challenges. You’ll start by doing two or three workouts a week. Good! Your body is getting a new stimulus and you may feel soreness. You may feel like giving up at this stage but it’s important to keep going. After just four weeks of training three times per week you should start to feel more efficient at the exercises.

You see what a lot of ‘fad dieters’ don’t comprehend is that the body was designed to survive and adapt. Have you ever heard of someone on a diet, no matter how fantastic, lose ALL their weight down to 0kg? No! That’s because the body eventually adapts. Giving our clients ten brand new different dieting factors at the beginning of a transformation challenge would be counter productive for everyone involved. If you start a programme eating salad leaves, training 2hrs a day and only drinking 4 litres of water a day, guess what? You will probably quit after the first week, but if you are mad enough to stick around you will plateau and have nowhere to go apart from doing more exercise, eating less leaves and you’ve guessed it; drinking more water! We start slow because of studies and wisdom. Not only would be giving you ten different life changing factors terrifying, but it also sets you up for a fall. Small habit changes for lasting and sustainable results are key.

Exercise is a big part of our YB methodology and having delivered thousands of sessions over the years I understand the importance of clarity and progression. As a trainer you want to be like an iceberg, showing the clients the pretty top 20% surface and allowing the prep, science & mathematics involved to get them through a workout to be hidden beneath the 80% surface. Trust me no one needs to know all that apart from the trainer. Our clients enjoy the fun and transformational changes.

The trainers, the website and the branding package are delivered clearly, calmly and calculatedly. We are sure footed and confident that our clients are in safe hands.

Come join us.

Master Trainer

Pierre Pozzuto