Hi, if you are in your 40s, 50s or beyond we’ve created the Youthful Body method (YB) to help you to look and feel younger, ageless and in great shape. Silence the ageing stereotypes by feeling healthy, fit and toned for your age. Our motivating, challenging and friendly YB community is a place where you’ll feel a sense of belonging.

Our physical and mental strength and has been challenged and suffered during the pandemic because the Coronavirus has leeched activity out of everyday life – here’s how to regain it without the travel time and parking fees. You can complete one of our programs from your own home, or anywhere. Our members take us on holiday with them and it’s always wonderful for us to see them joining our lives by a lake, beach, countryside or poolside!  We have a saying a YB, “We are always connected and moving, wherever we are.”

Choose to move with us because you’ll actually follow a workout designed for the ageing body. Joint-safe movements and modifications for most limitations are included in YB workouts. Your workouts will be motivating and fun too – like hanging out with friends. We’ll help you to be consistent and therefore you’ll see and feel results! You’ll also get stronger, more toned, and sleep like a baby! You’ll be able to access live, real-time Group or Private workouts with us. Our Progressive Video Collective, which involves up to 3 phases enables you to improve your fitness and work out without attending a live session. If you miss a live you can complete a workout from our collection of On-Demand workouts. We really got you covered, so that you can compliment Youthful Body with your retired or working lifestyle. Many of our members compliment their gym membership with Youthful Body.

Building muscle tone in midlife and knocking years off your body can be achieved beyond your 40s. It’s true that as we get older, burning fat and building muscle isn’t as easy as it once was but you’ll soon find out it’s possible. You can have a great body over 40 and build long, lean muscle and improve cardio capacity. We have amazing testimonials of midlife women who look and feel 10 years younger naturally (without surgery), by moving more and enjoying nutritious food. Results happen! You just need to trust us, be patient and consistent.

We’re in this together! We look forward to helping you!

Lesley and the empowering, supportive Youthful Body Team x


Thanks to YB programs, midlife women are losing body fat and increasing definition, while maintaining lean muscle tissue.


Our most popular programs

Defy the midlife odds, get in shape, and be your BEST SELF


A complete coaching program of exercise and nutrition collection that boosts your motivation, fat loss, exercise adherence and quickly achieves life-changing results.


A complete coaching program of exercise and nutrition collection that boosts your motivation, fat loss, exercise adherence and quickly achieves life-changing results.


Join us on our 28 Day Nutrition Clean Up Challenge. It’s time for a total body clean up. A the end of this challenge you are going to look better, think better, but most importantly feel better.

Our most popular products


Discover our collection of nutritious high protein recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options. Most of our recipes are wheat-free, gluten-free and refined sugar free.


Treat yourself to an exclusive Private Session with a Master Trainer via Zoom. You don’t need a gym for personal training. Your session will be tailored for you and it will focus on your personal health and fitness goals.


Not a member? Drop-in from your home or anywhere! You will get one real time (not pre-recorded) YB Live Group Workout via Zoom or Facebook for only £10. Buy today and we’ll contact you to help you to select your workout.

Annie Gorry Says...

Annie Gorry Says…

The YB workout and nutrition program has given me a more positive outlook on myself, my mind and body. The discipline and focus of combined exercise and nutrition advice with a little bit of flexibility  has paid off. I have lost weight but most importantly I feel fitter and stronger. Pierre and Lesley are very professional and approachable and the YB community is really cool. Thanks Lesley and Pierre, I’m loving it!

Jacqueline Halliday Says...

Jacqueline Halliday Says…

I absolutely love working out with Pierre and Lesley, the support they provide is unbelievable, nothing is too much trouble for either of them, it is literally 24 hours of help. I was concerned initially because by fitness level isn’t great and I didn’t want to hold the group up. I chatted this through with Lesley and Pierre, they were so supportive and provided me with different exercise options. I’ve lost weight, toned up, I’m cooking healthier meals for me and my family and I’m absolutely loving it. I just keep renewing when a challenge ends.

Leanne Davis Says...

Leanne Davis Says…

Absolutely love working out with Pierre and Lesley – it’s like having a personal trainer in your lounge! And the support in between the workouts is second to none – would 100% recommend

Francesca Dragone Says...

Francesca Dragone Says…

To suddenly find motivation for body and mind improvement after 53 years is more surprising to me than anyone. This group led by Pierre and Les along with all the lovely community and friends of like-minded women is a genuine inspiration. I am loving it! I have to be honest I’m in awe of Pierre and Lesley. I’ve lost 1 stone and 10lbs, my body shape has changed, my body fat has reduced, my skeletal muscle has increased and I’m looking toned. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Clare Grant Says...

Clare Grant Says…

Many years of experience, an unlimited amount of knowledge, a vast depth of professionalism, added to a genuine and heartfelt understanding of women’s needs in respect to health and fitness over the age of 40. This is what you get – in bucketloads – from Lesley Aitken and Pierre Pozzuto at YB. It’s what I’ve been looking for, but haven’t had the courage or self-confidence to actively find until now. I signed up and I promise you, I haven’t regretted it!

Karen Crosbie Says...

Karen Crosbie Says…

With YB, I’m training in a way I’ve never trained before. It is a very effective, specific & targeted way of training for women over 40. I love the convenience of working out in my own home, with wonderful like minded ladies I already call my friends. I feel privileged to be trained by the best in the fitness industry, who are extremely passionate about what they do. Without doubt YB have gone above & beyond in helping me achieve my goals. To date I have lost over 2 stone, have increased my muscle mass & bone density. I receive continuous guidance on nutrition. I’m physically stronger, I’m mentally much happier. For me joining YB is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to date. My journey with them continues & I’m eternally grateful to have met & to be a member of this amazing group.

Lynne Christian Says...

Lynne Christian Says…

David Souter and Lesley Aitken have coached and encouraged me to both live a healthier lifestyle and make small changes, to my diet or training.  I have lost over a stone in weight and feel healthier, and happier than I have in years. I always struggled to fit going to the gym with a busy Mum schedule.  Online classes has been a game changer for me, no more wasting time travelling to and from the gym and if you miss one of their live classes you can catch up when you have the time as they record it for you.  The wealth of experience David and Lesley have and teach in their classes has enabled me to reach my goals.  They are there for you with help, advice anytime you need it, as are the other lovely like minded ladies from the YB community. I definitely recommend signing up to YB as you won’t regret it!


Our unique and life-changing YB method, backed by science is recognised as one of the safest and most effective body transformation programs for midlife people in their 40s and 50s. Our members in their 60s are reaping the benefits too!

YB is NOT a weight loss program! The method of Nutrition, Exercise and Self-Care is a strategic, structured and sustainable program which works on fat loss and not weight loss, whilst protecting your muscle mass. Strength training and functional movement is included in your YB program to strengthen muscles, ligaments and joints.


Our ample real-time workouts via Zoom and Facebook, on-demand workouts and nutritional programs are all accessed by our YB members. They have everything they need to get results and have fun. A gym is not required, just minimal equipment including weights and resistance bands or body weight.

Out team live and breathe the YB method, they train with you every step of the way. Our expert team have the history, expertise and understanding to help you achieve your desired and realistic goals.

Remember! Having a strong body, may help you live longer and have a better quality of life.








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