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Hello! Lesley and Pierre, owners of Youthful Body here!

Are you ready to take control and clean up your nutrition?

Join us on our 28 days Nutrition Clean Up Challenge. It’s time for a total body clean up and you are going to look better, feel better. OH! And, let’s not forget the chance to win a prize at the end of the challenge. Everyone that completes the tracker and turns it in at the end will be entered to win some GREAT PRIZES!

In this challenge, you will receive lots of nutrition info via e-books, recipes, tips and tricks to get you set up with everything you need to ditch your unhealthy ways in only 28 days! The purpose of our 4-week challenge is to build on small habits that will make a huge difference to how you feel and look.

This is a nutritional challenge, but make sure you are getting in some Youthful Body sweat sessions too to ensure maximum results!

Here’s to changing your ways in 28 days! You can do this! 


A cookie cutter challenge, a fad diet plan or start and then stop phase. It’s a way to take CONTROL of your nutrition and to have new healthy habits that last a lifetime.  

What is the 28 Nutrition Clean Up Challenge?

The purpose of this ‘Nutrition Clean Up’ is to challenge you to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and it will be divided into 4 weekly goals. Each week during the challenge, you’ll be given a nutritional “clean-up” goal, along with a monthly tracker to help keep you on pace.

Each week’s goals will build on the previous weeks’ goals – so yes, as the month goes on, you’ll be adding a new goal every 7 days. Each of the weekly goals are specifically chosen to help you cut unhealthy calories, detox your body and add much needed nutrients to your daily diet.

We are not expecting you to give these things up forever, just give us a month and you be the judge as to how fantastic you look and feel! Yes, we are asking you to ditch the booze for 28 days – but you will have awesome support and it will be fun!

Total Body Clean Up

Every week you will receive an educational E-book for each of your 4 weekly nutrition habits.


A NEW goal each week will challenge you to cut out unhealthy habits and clean up. The weekly Cheat Sheets make it easy to eat healthy with simple food swaps.


A chance to WIN fabulous prizes! Log your habit completion daily on your “Healthy Habits” tracker and once its completed, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win some fabulous prizes. 


If you have consistently completed your healthy habits, then you have successfully completed the 28 Day Nutrition Clean Up Challenge and have life changing results that last!


Keeping track of your habits is easy. Once you have purchased the challenge you will be able to download all of your valuable digital content and helpful tools. You’ll also find the link to join the 28 Nutrition Clean Up Challenge Facebook Group Page.

You’ll get one initial call to help you get started and 24/7 support Facebook Group support from us, Lesley & Pierre, as well as support from the Youthful Body online community. 

To successfully complete the challenge, you need to keep to your habits 90% of the time. That means you need at least 63 check marks.

Join The Nutrition Clean Up Challenge Today!
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4 Nutrition Clean Up E-books
4 Cheat Sheets for Food Swaps
28 Days Healthy Habits Tracker
Personal Measurements Tracker
Weekly Nutrition Content via the Nutrition Clean Up Facebook Group
Initial Set Up for Success Personal Call
Access to our members only Facebook Youthful Body Group
A chance to WIN fabulous prizes!

Are you ready to clean up your nutrition to get the results you’ve always wanted?!

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NOTE: You will get INSTANT access to your digital tools.

Annie Gorry Says...

I needed a shot of motivation. Joining the YB program got me moving and into a brilliant exercise routine 3 times a week. My weight and measurements were slowly but surely coming down and I was feeling stronger but I was still taking in too many calories and the wrong kind. The Nutrition Challenge came along at just the right time. It gave me structure, ideas, and realistic goals to aim for. Over the course of a month I was set a new challenge every week and I achieved things I never thought I would be able to do. The great thing about it was that it wasn’t too hard because it’s all well thought out and the science behind it is sound. The support, advice and most importantly the results I have achieved have made me feel the best version of myself. I feel fitter, stronger and more confident that I can continue to maintain healthy habits, my weight and body goals long term.

Francesca Dragone Says...

The Nutrition Challenge showed me how to split my macros (fats, protein and carbs) according to my goals, reduce body fat and protect my muscle mass, hormones and metabolism. I’ve learned how to maintain a healthy weight and general health by ditching bad habits and embracing new. I’ve been able to reduce my body fat in a safe and sustainable way, without embarking on a fad unsustainable weight loss diet, that has never worked for me in the past. I actually found via flexible dieting and eating more, that I can still lose weight. Going on 53 years young, I’m very aware of how quickly muscle mass declines as we get older. The challenge has shown me how to help slow down the decline of muscle mass via nutrition and exercise.

The Nutrition Challenge has helped me to add more nutrients into my diet, such as adding maca powder, flax seeds and greens to smoothies. I’ve realised they are tastier than they look!

I followed the nutrition advice, combined Youthful Body workouts and the results happened along the way, including reduced body fat and increased energy.

Thank you Lesley and Pierre for doing the hard bit and enabling me to follow your guidance.

Gail Hoggett Says...

I took the opportunity to join the Youthful Body (YB), Nutrition Challenge which came at the right time for myself, as I was improving my overall fitness with YB exercises but I felt a deeper focus on better nutrition was essential to help me fuel my body to reach my goals. I have always been interested in nutrition to improve my energy levels. I was given weekly nutrition challenges during the 28 days which were doable. I have taken some of the healthy habits and advice on board which I’m continuing into the future. The support of YB was essential for me. I am so glad I signed up for the Nutrition Challenge and feel I have more knowledge to enable me to get the right nutrition my body needs to live a full and active life. My main goal for joining YB was to get a stronger body, which is happening. Thank you YB.

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